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Dec 8, 2013 8:30pm PST
johnson mñkes the catch. down around the 10 yard line. >> reporter: for much ofmf%e christmas. time to bundle up and hunker down for a long winter that hasn't officially even xdbegun. >> keep warm, everyone. >> reporter: the weather channel warns another blastq of arctic air ii make its way from the plains to the northeast. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> thefá winter storm on the et coast and our bay area freezing warning -- freeze warning,n34fç is, are the top stories on our 1 website. you can track the temperatures in your city there as well. just go to >>> so would you buy aok burned-out home for $400,000?r check it out. the owners are hoping to sell this one in san jose for that t r' san jose with why it might even be a bargain. hello, kimberly. >> reporter: hello, diane. well, it's very close toÑiçó downtown san jose and literally steps awayjf from san jose stat university.e1 two great selling points according to realtors we talked to. also, there isn't a whole lot of inventory in the bay area real estate market, but high demand. so while some mig
Dec 2, 2013 12:00am PST
, some of the best employees he's ever had. david johnson has spent the last 17 years in and out of jail but now has a home at rubicon. he's out to prove andrew didn't make a mistake in hiring him. >> because i look real bad on paper, but if you come and talk to me and see me and look how i work, you'd love me. >> there are a few employees that i see that i know have been there for years and years. i see them with smile oons their face and i know i did the right thing four years ago by buying this bakery. >> they're peanut butter cookie squares will be sold at whole foods during the holiday season. dr. daniel bernardi joined navy then left in not to good terms. a trip to hollywood then getting a doctorate in film. but feeling poorly about how he left, daniel reenlisted in the naval reserves, ultimately leading to a tour in iraq. his is quite a story. but it's how daniel is telling other veteran stories that is our next story. ♪ the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ >> the people of honor were easy to spot. whether on full display or just hinted at. >> veterans are our fami
Dec 5, 2013 11:00am PST
rest. >>> a sad and tragic story out of the northwest this morning. karen johnson lives near vancouver, washington. she often listens to police scanners and tweets out information to help others avoid accidents and hazards on the road. well, yesterday she tweeted about a deadly car crash on i-205 and vancouver. as she updated her followers, she soon realized her husband was late coming home. she urgently tweet aid trooper on the scene who realized something horrible had happened. >> she started to realize she may know someone in that crash. >> i went to her and stwartd reading what she was focussing. can't find my husband. he is not answering his phone. at that point that's when i realized that this might be something that we want to deal with right now. >> the trooper rushed investigators to her house to tell her in person. at 3:50 p.m. karen tweeted it's him. he died. she says her husband has epilepsy. troopers say his car crashed the median and collided head-on with a pickup truck. the truck driver survived but was seriously injured. >>> he is best known for his action-pac
Dec 4, 2013 6:00pm PST
than it was in 1950. but it's also lower now in real dollars than it was under lyndon b. johnson when it peaked, nixon, ford, carter, george h.w. bush and president clinton. you don't need to go back six decades to find a real comparison. >> i think it's fallen in real terms, whether you reference it to truman or lbj. >> as for a plain old income disparity, the president sounded off on a widening gap. >> the top 10% no longer takes in 1/3 of our income, it now takes half. >> but is it really that skewed? '. >> it looks like the president is using a well regarded federal reserve study. the top 5% and 9% added up to almost 90% of all incomes. but the congressional budget office came out with updated filg you'res today. in recent figures, the top 10% o after all earners accounted for 76%. compare that to 1979 when the study started. and the top 10% brought in 29.9%, and you can see a trend developing here. most of the gains of the recovery have flown to the top. that's also been true over the last 30 years in which there's been a substantial increase in income and equality and an ev
Dec 3, 2013 6:00pm PST
playoffs. they added jim johnson, closer from the baltimore orioles. they got him in a trade for weeks. they added gregerson, reliever from san diego. they traded seth smith to san francisco to get gregerson. they're about to add a starting pitcher, scott kazmir on a two-year contract. they're improving the pitching staff. the question is are the a's going to turn around and deal starting pitcher brett anderson? what do they get for brett? wouldn't be surprised if they pull another trade. they may trade brett anderson. we'll see if they continue to add to make this year's team stronger. >>> let's move over to football. this weekend the top two teams in the nfc west square out, seahawks flying high in first place, 49ers trying to catch them. good for a little redemption after pounded in week two up in seattle. with all that said, 49ers are a focus on this sunday's opponent. >> we definitely want to come out at home and play well and show everyone what we could do against a really good team. so i think it could definitely be a statement game. right now, you know, our goal is to just fini
Dec 2, 2013 11:00pm PST
reported an engine failure near the johnson creek airstrip about 125 miles northeast of boise, idaho. dale smith's friend has flown with him several times. >> he's one of the safest pilots i know. someone i have no fear of flying with at all. i'm a pilot, myself, and i really appreciate someone who takes as much care as dale does. >> reporter: the family had spent thanksgiving in oregon and was flying a son to butte, montana. the five people on board are from the smith family. >> i would be very worried if they haven't heard from him. >> smith's co-workers say it was tough to concentrate throughout the day. >> reporter: just praying for a safe return. monitoring the cell phone activity there and hoping they will zero in on the cell phone activity and find the -- find everybody on board. >> reporter: if there is anyone who can survive something like this, it's dale. >> dale is smart, he's talented and good at what he does. so there is good reason to think that -- to hope that there's a happy ending to this. >> reporter: now the search will continue at sunrise as long as the weatherwi
Dec 3, 2013 11:00am PST
, rather, for jim johnson. last season, the 30-year-old notched 50 saves in 59 opportunities. a's also bolstered their starting rotation by signing lefty scott tasner to a two-year, $22 million deal. meanwhile, we just received word they have pulled off another trade. they acquired outfielder craig gentry for a minor league prospect. >>> still to come, usually hockey fans toss hats to the ice to celebrate a big goal. why would thousands of teddy bears fly at this hockey game? to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. >>> you a hockey fan? not so much. maybe after this one. calgary hit -- they have a pretty menacing name, but they could also go by the monday abbinger teddy bear kings of the world. that's because the teddy bear toss tradition has been around 20
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7